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This user agreement regulates the terms and conditions for using the material on this website.

1. User agreement


Terms and conditions and the conduct guidelines for "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM"’s Internet pages users have been regulated by this code of conduct. Using these websites, or any other service offered by "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM", you accept hereby listed terms and conditions. If you disregard these terms, you may bear the consequences regulated by the law, that is by this contract. If you disagree with terms and conditions on these pages, we advise you not to use them.

2. Web content

Content and services on "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" websites can be used only for personal purposes, and for all the other purposes usage is allowed strictly upon written permission.

3. Accuracy and authenticity of the information

"CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" does not hold responsibility for accuracy and authenticity of the information provided on "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" websites and shall not take responsibility in case of any mistakes, omissions or un-updated data or errors. "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" shall not take any responsibility for any damage resulted from using information published on "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" websites.

4. Protection of privacy ""

Privacy Policy

5. Information security

Unauthorized attempts of forwarding or altering information on this location are strictly forbidden and the violators shall be sanctioned by law, or by terms of service prescribed sanctions. "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" does not warrant for the security and privacy of the messages sent via e-mail due to insecurity of this type of media.

6. Forbidden or illicit use

Using this website obliges you not to use any data, information, photos, or any other material owned by "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" or its partners, for unlawful or illicit purposes.

7. Links to other sites

"CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" websites contain links to other Internet sites controlled by other natural persons or legal entities. "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" has no influence on editing policies of these pages and it renounces any responsibility for their content, authenticity or accuracy of the information or any possible damage occurred by using these pages.

8. Reservation confirmation

A reservation will be confirmed after the down payment of 30% of total accommodation costs has been made.

9. Reservation cancellation & refund

The refund of the 100% amount of advance payment is possible when cancellation has been made at least 45 days before the arranged arrival date. For all reservations that have been cancelled 30 to 44 days before the arrival, the refund is 50% of advance payment amount. For reservations cancelled 29 days or less before the arrival date, the down payment will not be returned. Handling fee for a cancelled reservation is 20,00 €.

10. Changes in terms of service

"CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" holds the right to change these terms of service at any time without prior notice. Changes enter into force in the moment of disclosure. Visitors are obliged to notice those changes and to abide to them in the given moment. This agreement is valid as long as one of the contracting parties does not decide to terminate it. You are free to terminate this agreement at any time by stopping using this Internet site and by destroying all the material that you have saved in any possible way.

11. Judicial juristiction

The judicial authority for construing and implementing all the legal matters concerning usage of "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" websites is Croatian judiciary, and the court with subject matter jurisdiction for any possible claims or disputes over using "CAMPINGSPLIT.COM" web pages is the Court in Split.